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Apparel care


  • Clear, gentle PH balanced detergent, we recommend using Dreft.
  • PH balanced stain remover, we recommend Dreft Laundry Stain Remover. 
  • Squeaky clean, debris free sink.
  • Flat surface for air drying, clothes rack recommended to allow airflow while the garment air dries.
  • Two white towels.
  • Rebel garment. 
  • Icy water. The most critical element to the care of your Rebel Athletic garments is the water temperature.

Pre-wash – Do not dry clean, hand wash only. If any stains are present, we recommend pre-treating with Dreft Stain Spray. Turn garment inside out. Fill sink with cold water, add detergent and to two cups of ice.

Wash and rinse - Quickly submerge garment in the icy water-detergent solution. Gently hand wash for 60 seconds and do not rub the fabric against itself. Drain sink, remove the garment and fill the sink again with only icy water to rinse the garment. Repeat this last step if needed to remove any detergent residue. 

Drying – IMPORTANT! AIR DRY ONLY, DO NOT USE A CLOTHES DRYER. Turn the garment right side out, lay flat on a white towel, and insert another white towel within the body of the garment. This will reduce drying time and avoid any possibility of color transference during the drying process.

Care – Once completely dry, hang the garment on a fabric covered hanger, don’t have one? No worries, a plastic hanger without blemishes will work just fine. For apparel that has a waistband made in Unicorn Hologram, Rainbow Sparkle, Mystiqué or has decoration (e.g. studs, crystals, vinyl), we highly suggest using a clamp-free hanger to deter indentations or damage to the garment.

Tip to remember when rocking your Rebel Athletic apparel: Perspiration, deodorant, hairspray, glitter spray, sunless tanning products and lotions may affect the color of your garment. Take precautions to avoid transference.

Rebel Performance Shoe Care

  • Remove the shoelaces.
  • Wipe any excess dirt from the uppers, midsole, and outsole using a clean, dry white cloth.
  • Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with at least two cups of warm water into a clean sink or container.
  • Using a clean, white cloth dampened with the cleaning solution, gently wipe the shoes in the order of uppers, midsole, and outsole to prevent spotting.
  • Wipe the uppers, midsole, and outsole with a clean, white, water-only damp cloth to remove soap residue.
  • Blot the shoes with a clean, dry white cloth to absorb excess moisture.
  • Allow the shoes to air dry away from direct sunlight and heat.

Rebel Shoelace Care

  • Fill a separate bowl with warm water and a small amount of mild laundry detergent.
  • Soak the shoelaces in this solution for 30 minutes.
  • Scrub the laces clean and rinse with clean water.
  • Using a dry cloth, remove excess water from the laces.
  • Allow them to air day before lacing up your shoes.

Important Tip!  Do not use a washing machine or heat dryer. Following the cleaning instructions above is one of the best ways to keep the functionality and quality of your Rebel Performance shoes intact.


Cleaning - We recommend using a damp, white cloth to clean the inside of your bag. Gently spot clean the high-density sparkle ONLY when necessary with a damp, white cloth. Do not use any harsh cleaners, chemicals or submerge in water as it will compromise the integrity of your Dream Bag.

Care - Rebel Dream Bags are meant to last a lifetime of competitions, workout sessions or sleepovers so be mindful of what items you transport in the bag. Our Dream Bags are durable and were initially designed with cheer athletes in mind. Please avoid overfilling or using the bag to carry heavy objects. 

Crystal logos and Embellishments

Lost a crystal or two? We’ve got you covered! Included with your purchase of a crystal-embellished garment or Dream Bag are complimentary replacement crystals should you have minor crystal loss due to normal wear and tear. We recommend using e6000 Craft Adhesive (can be purchased at any fabric, craft or multi-purpose store) to reattach the crystals.

Cosmetic Brush Care


  • Cold tap water
  • Your favorite makeup brush cleaner or baby shampoo
  • Dry, clean cotton towel

Wash and rinse - Wet the bristles under cold running water. Position the brush downward to prevent water from entering the furrule (the part that holds the bristles in place) which can potentially cause accumulation of mold and the bristles to shed. Place one or two drops into the palm of your hand and gently massage the tips of the bristles using a circular motion. Use the same pressure you would when applying eye makeup. Rinse then repeat if needed.

Drying - Remove the excess water from the bristles using a dry clean towel. Allow the brush to air dry overnight with the bristles hanging off the edge of a counter or if you’re fancy, a brush drying rack.

Care - Clean brushes regularly using the above instructions. Keep two brush sets should you need a backup brush that is clean and ready to use.

Tip: Use the velvety soft, purple case to protect your Eye and Face Makeup Brush Sets while you are on the go.