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Casting has closed for the 2023-2024 season

Thank you for your interest in the Rebel Athletic Talent & Ambassador program! Please follow us on instagram to stay up-to-date on all things Rebel.

Casting Opportunities

A few details you should know

Our Community Representatives

Those selected to be Rebel Ambassadors have shown that they are/want to be passionate Rebels who champion the brand and believe in what we stand for. They are eligible to attend regional, ambassador-exclusive content-creation events that we host across the country. The purpose of the Rebel Ambassador program is to help foster a community of positivity, encourage lasting friendships, and reward those who boldly support Rebel. We do this by hosting regional events where ambassadors get to meet and participate in various fun activities while wearing their Rebel gear. Rebel staff is on hand to lead the activity and capture photos of the fun! We then share the content with the Ambassadors so they have high-quality photos to share and post.

Our Experienced Talent Pool

Those selected as Rebel Talent will be the talent pool from which we will cast for retail collection launches. The purpose of the Rebel Talent program is to have an experienced and diverse group of camera-ready Rebels that we can call in for various marketing needs. Additionally, Rebel Talent is invited to attend the winter and summer talent photoshoots (space is limited). There are also in-person/virtual event representation opportunities.

The Faces of the Brand

This elite group of individuals represent Rebel Athletic at the highest level. Our Features are eligible for all photoshoots, in-person/virtual event support, appearances and representation.