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Rebel Revive Blackout

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Meet the Rebel Revive Blackout. Ultra-sleek and designed with cheerleading in mind, the Rebel Revive shoe is built for comfort and performance. Feather-like weight meets unparalleled support and cushioning to elevate your performance to new heights. Featuring a transverse flex tunnel that increases shoe flexibility and eases weight transfer to toes and rear heel finger notch and Patented Stunt Grooves to provide outstanding stunt grip. The Rebel Revive shoe is built to withstand the rigors of intense practices and high-impact performances. Can be used indoors or outdoors.


OUTSOLE TEXTURED EDGES: Strategically placed to add an extra layer of grip, ensuring that bases can maintain a secure hold and optimal stability when executing lifts, stunts, and other maneuvers that require precise hand placement. This innovative addition provides enhanced hand grip traction specifically tailored to the demands of basing, offering unparalleled stability and control.

PATENTED STUNT GROOVES: Featuring our patented stunt grooves, the Rebel Revive Cheer Shoe sets itself apart with innovative design. These grooves ensure a secure grip and enhanced control during every stunt, giving you the confidence to push your limits and elevate your performance to new heights.

REBEL SPIN PAD: Strategically positioned directly under the area of the foot crucial for executing turns, spins, and other intricate movements, this innovative spin pad offers unparalleled maneuverability, ensuring that nothing stands between you and perfection. Engineered with a smooth surface and placed precisely where you need it most, this pad facilitates seamless transitions and fluid rotations.

TRANSVERSE FLEX TUNNEL: Imagine effortlessly pointing your toes without fighting against your shoes. With the TRANSVERSE FLEX TUNNEL, this vision becomes a reality. Crafted from advanced super-flex materials, this tunnel is meticulously engineered to provide the ultimate level of flexibility, allowing you to achieve toe-pointing perfection like never before.

CLOSE-TO-MAT FOOT PLACEMENT: With a focus on precision and control, the Rebel Revive cheer shoe facilitates close-to-mat foot placement, allowing you to maintain balance and agility with every movement. Whether executing intricate routines or mastering challenging stunts, this shoe keeps you grounded and connected to the mat, ensuring optimal performance.

EXO-SKELETON HEAT SEALED BANDS: The Exo-skeleton Heat Sealed Bands provide targeted support to key areas of the foot, enhancing overall performance and minimizing the risk of injury during high-impact activities. These bands promote optimal alignment and stability by strategically reinforcing the shoe's structure, allowing athletes to push their limits confidently.

UNPARALLELED SUPPORT AND RESPONSIVE CUSHIONING: In the dynamic world of cheerleading, where stunts, tumbling, and endurance are paramount, the Rebel Revive cheer shoe rises to the occasion, providing unrivaled support and responsive cushioning. Engineered to absorb impact and minimize strain on your body, this shoe's innovative design ensures you can perform at your peak without compromise.

INTERIOR ANKLE CUSHIONS: By gently gripping the Achilles tendon and providing targeted support, these strategically positioned cushions ensure a secure fit that keeps the shoe firmly in place throughout your routine. It’s like a supportive hug that enhances stability and minimizes the risk of slippage or discomfort. Say goodbye to blisters, chafing, and discomfort and hello to a more enjoyable cheer experience.

COUNTER BALANCED WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: This revolutionary technology represents a quantum leap forward in cheer footwear, meticulously engineered to redefine your performance and help you reach new heights. At its core, this advanced outsole weight distribution technology is designed to provide unparalleled balance and stability, ensuring a feather-light feel with every step, jump, tumble pass, and stunt.

View our care instructions for tips to lengthen the life of your shoes, along with size charts.

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